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Finding a co working space

Many startups begin their business from home, but the home office may not be a suitable place for work in the long run. Since in the future, the startup will eventually grow and would bring in more new people on board or need space and atmosphere to meet with customers. It may also become difficult to keep home and work life separate which may decrease the productivity of the business.

 What is a co-working space?

It is a place where remote workers can meet; small enterprisers can build a business with their staff and of course a space for freelancers.  There are many large enterprises such as Instagram and Timehop who have once used these spaces to grow their business. The advantage of having a co-working space is flexibility. Each co-working space is different in its own style and layout, like breakout areas, lines of desks, and enclosed setups with private meeting rooms. If you are thinking about owning a co-working space, it is important to pick the right one for your business. Below are quick tips for you to guide and help you out:

  1. Location fit as per your convenience

Ask yourself whether your office should be nearer to your home or your clients? Accordingly, choose the right place considering you are ready to travel to your co-working space. If it is mostly client-based business then it does make sense to go for co-working space where it’s easy for clients to visit the office space.

  1. Support you will receive

Once the spaces selected are shortlisted based on your choice of location, go for what each one offers. Startups should consider two basic options. First, you may choose an incubator that may offer higher levels of support. Secondly, you may choose an autonomous shared space that is open to all.

  1. Identify your space requirements

Are you looking for a dedicated work area, permanent writing space or just a normal desk?  Analyze how much space you would need on a daily basis.

  1. Look for resources and amenities

The need for essential and specific amenities is required for every business. If you have construction work you may need an area with a workshop or to build a model of the building. Get the space as per your requirements.

  1. Positive Aspect

Each co-working space is different in their own way be it is community or atmosphere. It is on you what you want for your business. You may look for a professional atmosphere or maybe a relaxed chilled environment. It is important that you go and visit the space before you get it. Ask questions about your space and what it is like to work there in that environment. Ask about whether the space is well-managed, what happens if you need help and how fast the issues are resolved. Then, accordingly, go for the right space.

In the end, look for space where you can promote your business. Place where the further network can be built which will help your business to grow and where you are able to organize events for your business which are easily reachable to the right target clients.

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