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placement and color combinations affect the productivity in your workspace

Emotion is important for any kind of business. And the environment has too much importance on any kind of production, and on the employees. The employers get influence according to the office environment. The color combination, furniture placement may affect on productivity, as per the psychology.

Color concept for office productivity:-

The color is an important and considerable element to improve qualities and the environment in a company.

  • Red color is known for getting attention. It is used for both positive and negative. In a positive way, it is used to invoke emotion and passion. In negative it includes a lower rate of productivity.

Expert says that Red color can change the way people feel. The dark shed of red (burgundy) associated seriousness and sophistication. The light shade of red (pink) is seen as a fun and light-hearted. It helps to catch the customers and employees attraction.

  • Green color use for concentration and clarity. Green makes people more relaxed and walks able.
  • Blue is known as a claiming color, and is used to show breathing and lower blood pressure. But psychological the method has found that blue use to show the increase in productivity. Blue is considered to impart the feeling of Trustworthy.
  • Yellow means to get people collaborating and engaging. Yellow is possibly the most inviting and uplifting color in the rainbow. Doctors say yellow is the strongest color of psychology and can help our creativity as well as for memory.
  • Purple use for increase precipitation and value royalty. You do not find use for Purple in your office and everywhere. It represents a high value and luxury.
  • Orange also works for productivity in terms of positivity and negativity simultaneously. It is used for an idea and for activity.

Placement concept for office productivity:-

Placement influences productivity. For office environment furniture style and placement help in every time. Like —

  1. Lots of office workers think that hot desk helps to increase the productivity and use less space in the office.
  2. Today where Corona Virus has spread everywhere, so the hot desk topic is making bad effect. The hot desk is that desk in an office used by multiple workers at a day. It is also known as the common desk.
  3. The old furniture has become uncomfortable in today’s work. Because today people need to do sitting work in a company for a longer time. And as a result, it may affect on employees health and productivity.
  4. The brightness of furniture also can help in productivity. That’s why the papers we use in the office are white.
  5. Distance between two desks also is one important thing, because it is a matter of personal space for working.
  6. The furniture, its color combination and placement represent the company, so that it has positive effect on the customer.

In the end, it has to say, furniture and the color combination make an effect. The effect has not only on productivity but also on customer review and company reputation. The color indicates some sign and the arrangement of furniture also help in time management employers’ attraction.

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