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The Industries & Commerce Department (ICD), The State is the nodal agency responsible for the development & promotion in the state. The agency works as an advisor & the policymaker for entrepreneurs and delivers knowledge about the prospects of available land, the industrial incentives, and all other related policies. ICD is also responsible for the search & allocation of industrial land in Haryana. In an effort to boost the economy of the state, the agency is accountable for delivering the Fiscal Incentive scheme that primarily benefits the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

Industrial Plots in Haryana

“The Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) Plot Scheme 2018” is the initiative of the state government. As of 2018, the HSIIDC offers plots at more than 1700 location across the state. A committee is formed to make the transparent allotment of these industrial plots in Haryana. This effort of the state government has opened new horizons for the industry sector.

The excellent scope of acquiring land at a competitive price and to avail the fiscal benefits has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs. And in the state, they find great options to purchase land for sale in Haryana. It is also very simple to apply for land purchasing. The entire procedure is online and the interested parties need not be physically present to file their application. Moreover, all the documentation work is also done online. All this saves a lot of time and energy as well and ensures that entrepreneurs get the best options for industrial plots in Haryana.

The Enterprise Promotion Policy (EPP) – 2015

In 2015, the government introduced the EPP to boost the fate of MSME. The policy is designed to offer numerous schemes and policies in a subsidized manner. Once the entrepreneurs’ search plots for sale in Haryana to begin the setup, they are guaranteed to gain tremendous benefits from their initiative. The EPP ensures that investors get refunds and exemptions for several expenses incurred during the setup of the company. Moreover, all approvals and sanctions are managed under one roof through Enterprise Promotion Center in Panchkula.

Industrial plots in Haryana What You Need to look for:

To start a business the location of the plot plays a pivotal role. Equally important the availability of resources required to run your business. Resources like ample supply of electricity & water, flawless road connectivity, availability of skilled workforce and many such factors define if the industrial land in Haryana you have selected is suitable for the purpose or not.

Here are some important things to look in plots for sale in Haryana:

industrial Land in Haryana


The location is one of the key factors in determining the success of the business. The plot must be situated at a location that is advantageous to business operations. The location must be such where raw material can be brought in easily. Moreover, from the current location, the distribution of finished goods can also be managed easily.

Road Connectivity:

Road infrastructure is very important. The cost to bring in raw material and supply finished goods depends on the access of highways and airports from the location of the land in Haryana. The cost of operations will depend on the road connectivity from the location.

Electricity Supply:

The plots for sale in Haryana must have high tension electrical lines going across the location in order to attain the supply of electricity. The electricity must also be in ample supply and with minimum cut-offs. Remember, under EPP there is a huge subsidy on the electricity bill. Entrepreneurs must take maximum benefit out of this policy.

Water Supply:

An industry cannot function without the supply of water. The demand for water entirely depends on the nature of your business. Manufacturing, especially FMCG and Pharmaceuticals would require a large amount of water to manage their tasks. This factor is the key to select the plot in Haryana.

Skilled Manpower:

It is essential to tap skilled resources for your industry from nearby locations. Whether it’s the need for manual labor or for skilled manpower, their availability is crucial to the functioning of the industry. Therefore, purchase land for sale in Haryana where manpower resource is available easily and quickly.

Other Needs:

Your location should have facilities necessary for a unit. Proper sewer management, safety against fire, street lights, and wide internal roads can make for a pleasant experience.

Scouting land for sale in Haryana

The biggest requirement for entrepreneurs is the availability of appropriate land parcels to install their industry. A good piece of plot for sale in Haryana should address the basic needs required for the business. As cited above, the plot needs to have a sufficient supply of electricity & water, good road connectivity and skilled manpower in proximity. As an entrepreneur, you can scout for land for sale in Haryana at an industrial zone categorized by the Govt. Based on the location, the government has divided the industrial zones of the state into four categories – A, B, C, and D. The category ‘A’ blocks are in the primary zone and considered exclusive locations. Several zones of Faridabad, Gurgaon, Panipat, and Sonepat falls under category A. Those falling in Cat A may not receive all the benefits as defined under Enterprise Promotion Policy (EPP) for Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises

(MSME). The plots for sale Haryana in the Category-A block is usually costly but in a high productivity zone.

Recommended industrial Land in Haryana

Mouli village in Barwala (in district Panchkula) falls under Category B – Block 13. It is an ideal location, situated in the fringes of Chandigarh and offers unique advantages for better profits. Located on old NH-07, the area zone offers smooth connectivity with nearby states of north India. Within hours, one can reach Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, New Delhi, and Rajasthan. This seamless connectivity of the highways makes the procurement of raw material convenient.

Also, it saves time and money when the finished product dispatched for the wholesale and retail market. Mouli is rightly been recommended for purchasing and leasing industrial land in Haryana. The industrial plots in Haryana that lies in Gurgaon, Faridabad and Panipat district is the hot properties. Doing business here is extremely convenient and revenue-generating. In fact, Gurgaon is home to Maruti Suzuki, the largest car manufacturing unit in India. There are other important brands here, like Hero Motors that ranked as one of the largest in India.

Land For Sale In Haryana

The initiative of the Government has made the progress go skyrocket. The state is witnessing progressive growth annually ever since the EPP came into effect. Most MSME has acquired the benefits of this policy after finding support and encouragement from the government. After identifying good plots for sale in Haryana, the entrepreneurs have found their foothold mainly due to all the benefits served by the govt.

Entrepreneurs who are contemplating to start a new industrial unit in the state can speak to ‘The Mentor Group” – who are the land experts. The group offers expertise for the new industries in terms of management, planning & architecture and construction. The package of the service enables entrepreneurs to leave the hassle of planning, architecture, and development in our hand. As entrepreneurs, one can focus on management, production, and other logistics to maximize growth.

Industrial plots for sale Barwala, Panchkula

With transforming industrialization of Haryana, it is evident that the state is taking all the necessary steps to bring itself at the forefront of construction development. With this being said, the state has already marked areas across the land. These are called the industrial zones that specify the category and tier of industries that can and must be set up in these zones. This is done keeping the area, location, regional diversification and development in mind. These are specified to be set up in areas where they find themselves well connected to an interlinked network of roads and highways for the ease of transportation.

These areas are also divided into zones taking into account the availability of raw material for the production of the final commodity in that area. For example, agro-food processing projects need to set up their plants at a location where there is an abundance of supply for the requirement of raw materials for that specific industry. This means the state has already inducted a program for such development keeping in mind the ease of starting, operating and build of goods as well as keeping in mind the growth and development of the region that the industrial cluster is being set up in the vicinity of.

Industrial plot for sale in Panchkula

The state government is providing unprecedented benefits to the projects set up in various zones. The industrial plot for sale in Panchkula is one of the best investments you can make in the state as an entrepreneur. Panchkula is an opening to three states with a big consumer city like Chandigarh present and preset in its vicinity. Buying a plot for sale in Panchkula will unleash a host of chance that can boost your business venture to scale new heights. With benefits given by the state in reimbursement of stamp duties and Vat, it is a bright time to invest in as an industrialist and take a step ahead in the direction of achieving your preset goals.

This ease of setup is only feasible in the industrial plot for sale in Panchkula. You can begin your project without delay and well in your scheduled time frame. The rebates and benefits provided by the state government can be availed to the best of your interests and also you can avail the help of the mentor group in the construction of your desired project. All these benefits can sum up to the fact that it is the best time for you to begin your journey to become a producer and start investing.

Why choose industrial plots for sale in Panchkula

Every plan needs steps to make it successful. Developing an industry needs you to make an investment first and foremost in the procurement of a feasible plot of land. It is made even simple by buying a land already cleared for establishing the making unit as it makes the process of changing the use of land much easier. Industrial plot for sale in Panchkula are already specified by the government to establish a certain category of the industry here. There are more than sufficient reasons to invest in Haryana. Panchkula is the closest city to the capital of Haryana I.e Chandigarh.

The paperwork that is required to set up a project of such statute is substantially less in the state of Haryana. Most of the clearances are available under the single-window mechanism. Once the clearances are done. You can proceed with the safe buying of industrial plots for sale in Panchkula. The mentor group has some of the best land plots that are ‘project ready’ in the area and can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a producer. The plots are cut with wide roads linking them in between, have seamless access to the interstate highways and inland road networks and are fitted with amenities that just need you to start building your project and begin with the production.

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